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Iron Orchid Designs

Trimmings 3 6x10" Decor Mould by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD)

Trimmings 3 6x10" Decor Mould by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD)

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Indulge in elegance with Trimmings 3!

Seeking intricate detailing or the ideal embellishment for your project? Discover six breathtaking designs in one mould, ready to breathe life into even the simplest creations and transform them into captivating showpieces. Plus, Trimmings 3 includes volume measurements for each design, ensuring precise resin mixing every time, because perfection is in the details with IOD.

Crafted with your needs in mind, each IOD mould is meticulously intricate, guaranteeing a seamless experience as you bring your artistic visions to life.

Don't let the intricate detailing intimidate you—thanks to the patent-pending micro-rimmed tops, working with these moulds is effortless. Create flawlessly smooth castings that effortlessly release from the mould, regardless of the medium used. Plus, they're reusable, offering endless opportunities for creativity.

Did you know that these silicone moulds are compatible with a variety of materials, including clay, hot glue, and wax? They're even food safe, allowing you to impress your family with beautiful candies and cookies. Just remember to designate separate moulds for kitchen and craft room use.

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Mould Size: 6 x 10”

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