The RootBound Story

I find immense joy in my work at RootBound Life. Witnessing the satisfaction on a woman's face after completing her first (or tenth) project is truly incredible. She exudes pride in her accomplishment, and rightfully so. This is the same woman who initially doubted her skills, knowledge, and resources to undertake the very project she now proudly displays. Few things in life compare to the pleasure of knowing I played a role in helping her create something beautiful.

Reflecting on my childhood, my mother served as a do-it-yourself role model. Resourceful and inventive, we repurposed items that others would discard. Whether out of necessity or desire, she was the original DIYer. Armed with limited tools, self-taught skills, and unwavering determination, she turned trash into treasure long before the era of network television shows dedicated to flea market rehabs.

While it was embarrassing to have a front yard adorned with a toilet full of plastic flowers in my younger years (still cringe-worthy), she maximized her finds, and many still adorned her space 40 years later. Although our decorating tastes may not have aligned, we shared a common drive to decorate creatively on a budget.

RootBound Life originated as a collection of my personally crafted furniture and creative projects, fashioned from salvage items or thrift store finds. It has evolved into a business that shares my knowledge with women who, much like my mother and me, aspire to create a beautiful home without breaking the bank.

The name RootBound Life is a fusion of "Root" and "Bound." While these words, when combined, denote the foundation of a plant bound in a space it has outgrown, I challenge the women I encounter to see it differently. The "Roots" represent my foundation, the DIY spirit inherited from my mother—they are where I came from, not a binding force. "Bound" can signify restraint or making leaps and bounds. You have the power to choose how your roots influence your life. They can either bind you or liberate you to achieve anything you are determined enough to pursue.