The RootBound Story

I love what I get to do here at RootBound Life. The satisfaction that I see in the face of a woman that just completed her first (or tenth...) project is nothing short of amazing. She's proud of her accomplishment and she should be. She was the same woman that was sure she didn't have the skills, knowledge or resources to complete the very project that she now proudly displays. Few things in life bring more pleasure than knowing that you played a part in helping this woman create something beautiful. 
As a child my mother was a do-it-yourself role model. She is resourceful and we re-purposed items that would have been trash in other households. Whether she based it on necessity or desire, she is the original DIYer. With limited tools, self-taught skills and get-out-of-her-way gumption, she was taking trash to treasure long before there were network television shows centered around flea market rehabs.
Although it was a complete embarrassment to me at that young age that we had a toilet full of plastic flowers in the front yard (okay, that part is still embarrassing), she made the most out of her finds and many of them still decorated her space 40 years later. She and I may not have shared the same taste in decorating, but we always shared the drive to decorate and do it on a budget. 
RootBound Life began as a collection of my personal handmade furniture and crafty creations that I fashioned from salvage items or low-cost thrift purchases. It has grown into a business that takes my know-how and puts in the hands of women who, much like my mother and myself, want a beautiful home at an affordable price. 
The name RootBound Life was derived from the two words Root and Bound. When these two words are combined they are defined as the foundation of a plant (the roots) that are bound together in a space that they have outgrown but I challenge the women that I encounter to see it another way as well. The Roots are my foundation, they are where I came from and they are the DIY spirit passed along to me from my mother, but they are not binding. The Bound can be the restraining form of the word or the leaps and bounds definition. You get to choose what influence your Roots have on your life. They can bind you or free you to do ANYTHING you're determined enough to do.