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Queen of the Nile 16x12" Paint Inlay EIGHT Sheet Set by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD)

Queen of the Nile 16x12" Paint Inlay EIGHT Sheet Set by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD)

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The IOD Paint Inlay Queen of the Nile showcases intricate Egyptian-inspired designs, adding an exotic and regal touch to your DIY projects. Elevate your creations with this striking paint inlay, perfect for infusing your projects with a touch of ancient allure and timeless elegance.

Paint Inlays come in 12x16" pads similar to the IOD Decor Transfers. Each pad contains eight sheets. 

IOD Paint Inlays are a groundbreaking addition to the DIY industry, offering premium art products that embed paint directly into your projects.

Unlike decals or synthetic films, these inlays create a textured, leather-like surface by physically embedding paint into the surface. Crafted with a proprietary artist-quality paint formulated specifically for decorative use, each application yields slightly varied and uniquely beautiful results, adding visual interest and texture to your creations.

Additionally, the paint formula remains 'active' until sealed, allowing for manipulation and special techniques before sealing your piece.

After use, store your Paint Inlay sheets flat and dry, and you can even achieve beautifully faded second and third impressions, making them a sustainable and versatile choice for your crafting endeavors.

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