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Iron Orchid Designs

Laurel 6x10" Decor Mould by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD)

Laurel 6x10" Decor Mould by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD)

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Unleash your inner child with the Laurel Decor Mould by IOD, a whimsical addition to any project that promises to earn you endless praise.

Featuring ten delightful designs in one mould, this treasure is crafted to elevate your creations with unparalleled detail, depth, and beauty – just as you expect from IOD.

Designed with your needs in mind, each mould is meticulously intricate, ensuring that your furniture and home décor projects achieve nothing less than perfection. Don't let the intricate details fool you – with patent-pending micro-rimmed tops, these moulds ensure effortless casting with any medium, from clay to hot glue to wax, even suitable for food.

Delight your loved ones with exquisite candies and cookies, or dive into endless crafting possibilities. Remember, once a mould ventures into the kitchen, it stays there – so why not grab two?

Treat yourself to endless creativity and add the Laurel Decor Mould to your cart today.

Size: 6 x 10".


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