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Iron Orchid Designs

Air Dry Clay 14 oz. by Iron Orchid Designs

Air Dry Clay 14 oz. by Iron Orchid Designs

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Looking for easy, fast and fun? Got it!

IOD Air Dry Clay is so easy to work with and you can use it for about a bajillion things. No kidding, at least a bajillion. Fill an IOD Decor Mould (or many IOD Decor Moulds - I got ya covered there), hide those damaged places on furniture (like that one ridiculous place where the veneer is all jacked up but the rest is butter smooth - so frustrating) or create your own sculpture work. It's so soft and pliable you can use it to create a whole lot of pretty fast and fabulously. 
IOD Air Clay dries white but is 100% paintable when dry so you can add some color to bring out all the amazing detail you get when you pair it with IOD Decor Moulds. 
Need it bend around the corner or contour to the curvy surface of your project? No problem. Release your casting from the mould, add some glue to the back and press it into place. Unlike other clays, IOD Air Dry Clay is firm enough that you can add some painter's tape to the casting to hold it in place while it dries to your contours. 
Store your left over clay in a tightly sealed Ziploc bag in a cool, dry place and it'll be there for your next project too. 
I love that this clay doesn't need any special tools or or equipment to get it dry. Just let it sit in place until it's firm. A super easy way to add amazing detail to your projects making them real WOWZERS!! 

Expect a small amount of shrinkage and cracking when dry. Great for that vintage look and feel. 

  • Non Toxic, contains wood pulp
  • Volume 14.1oz
  • Weight 14.92oz
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Customer Reviews

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Marcella Perkins
Love it

It is easy to use and you have plenty of time to paint it and place it were you want it on your projects before it dries out. I’m having fun creating new projects with the clay.