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Iron Orchid Designs

Fronds 12x12" Decor Stamp by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD)

Fronds 12x12" Decor Stamp by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD)

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Ferns and leaves for all your greenery

Add some natural to your project with Fronds Décor Stamp from IOD. Thirteen of the most detailed leaves and fern fronds you’ll find for and stamping project. A must have for furniture, home décor and walls.

Looking for that perfect mix of magic and EASY. You got it girl! IOD Décor Stamps have magic built into the design. Vintage inspired stamps that are easy-peasy but add big time glam. Yeah, that good.

Stamps from Iron Orchid Designs are great for furniture refinishing and home décor but don’t forget, these little gems are great in the kitchen too. The stamps are made from a food safe material, but remember, a stamp can go from the kitchen to the craft room, but it can’t go back. Go on ahead and order yourself that second set specifically for the kitchen. These babies take cake and cookie decorating to the next level. Toss them in a bowl of warm soapy water and they clean up like magic. Keep them out of the dishwasher – that’s a little too hot for these gems.

On your mark, get set, get’um ready to go!

When your stamps are brand spanking new, before you use them that very first time, make sure that you season them. Not salt Silly, sandpaper. Use a fine grit sandpaper and sand the design side of your stamps lightly in several directions. That’ll keep any of your paint or ink from beading on the shiny new surface. Gives your new stamp a little tooth.

Mounting sheets included.

You can lay out your design on of the included mounting sheets or you can freestyle stamp wherever your heart desires. Just make sure the back of your stamp and the mounting sheet are clean and dry. The stamps really stick to the mounting sheets but have no fear. They are supper durable. Just tug them off and refit them into your design. If your arrangement is larger the included mounting sheets, consider bundling an Acetate Thin Mount to your order. They’re a bigger and they provide grid lines for just-so aligning and even curves. For smaller stamps, the Flexi-Stamper gives perfect control with ease.

Pick your medium.

Paint is a great way to use your IOD Décor Stamps. Using a dense foam roller, apply an even coat to the surface of your stamp and apply as desired. Pour out a little paint and roll your foam roller through until even. I use those Dollar Store plastic cutting boards. They are super cheap and clean up nicely for many uses.

If you’re looking for crisper lines in your design, consider one of the many IOD Décor Inks. Just add the ink to an IOD Ink Pad and stamp your design with the pad. Couldn’t be easier.

Pick your surface.

Iron Orchid Designs Décor Stamps are great for lots of different surfaces. Use them on fabric, furniture, home décor, walls, floors, tiles and even on your fancy-schmancy cakes and cookies.

Clean this mess up!

Cleaning your IOD Décor Stamps could not be easier. Have ready a bowl of warm, soapy water and, when you’re done with a stamp, drop it in the bowl. When your done stamping for the day, rinse off your stamps in warm water. Any remaining medium will clean up in no time with a small brush (think old toothbrush) or a sponge. I leave them out to dry on a clean towel and then re-adhere them to their mounts. Nothing to it.

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