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Erasable Liquid Chalk - 5 Color Pack

Erasable Liquid Chalk - 5 Color Pack

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Perfect for decorative messages

IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk Ink is the single greatest invention since the creation of the chalkboard. Here's how I know that:

  • Want to announce a sale on some inventory that just won't leave your booth?
  • How about make a pretty sign that shows guests where to park at your daughter's wedding?
  • Need to announce an event in a fun way?

What if you could do all of these with the same sign? Make the sign once and fashion it up for any of these occasions then simply erase it and use it again the next time. Genius!

Erasable liquid chalk is intended to be uses with any of the MANY IOD Decor Stamps as an erasable medium. Use it on any erasable (non porous) surface for the sweetest signs that you don't ever have to look at again. Wink, wink...

ELC is pigment rich, a little goes a very long way so no need to get your stamps really juicy. Just apply a little with a brayer or lightly tap your IOD Ink Pallet loaded with Erasable Liquid Chalk Ink to your stamp surface. Apply a thin, even coat on the stamps and watch all that erasable magic happen.

Erasable Liquid Chalk Ink has a generous open time to you have plenty of opportunity to make sure you have your layout just so before stamping.

Dry time varies depending on temperature and humidity.

This pack includes FIVE new colors for all of your chalkin'-it-up needs. Mix or match any of these of colors to create your favorite shades: White, Black, Tomotto, Turmeric and China Blue. Please note that this Erasable Chalk formula differs from the Charcoal and White Erasable Chalks that are currently available so you can't mix across the two formulas. 

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