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Iron Orchid Designs

Oceans Deep 2 oz. Decor Ink by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD)

Oceans Deep 2 oz. Decor Ink by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD)

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Dive into a world of creative possibilities with IOD's Oceans Deep Ink, available in a convenient 2 oz. bottle. This captivating, rich blue ink captures the essence of the deep ocean, bringing a sense of depth and tranquility to your artistic projects.

Key Features:

  • Rich, Deep Hue: Our Ocean's Deep Ink is meticulously formulated with high-quality pigments to deliver a stunning, long-lasting blue that evokes the mysterious beauty of the ocean.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for a wide range of surfaces including paper, fabric, wood, and more. Ideal for stamping, inking, calligraphy, and mixed media projects.
  • Smooth Consistency: Enjoy a seamless, consistent application every time, ensuring professional-quality results with every use.
  • Quick-Drying Formula: Designed to dry quickly, minimizing smudging and allowing for efficient layering and detail work.

Whether you're crafting intricate artwork, enhancing home décor, or designing handmade cards, IOD's Ocean's Deep Ink adds a touch of serene, deep blue that will make your projects unforgettable. Let your creativity flow and explore the depths of your imagination with IOD's Ocean's Deep Ink in a 2 oz. bottle.

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