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Iron Orchid Designs

Refillable Décor Ink Bottles 2 oz. - Pack of 3

Refillable Décor Ink Bottles 2 oz. - Pack of 3

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Because there's a whole rainbow of colors

Listen, we both know that no matter how many Decor Ink colors the IOD sisters create, it won't be enough. You're always gonna want something just a little bluer or a touch lighter (just like me looking at that scale, I wish it was a touch lighter).

Your mind has been read. Once you find that perfect shade of purple for your stamping project you can bottle it in the IOD 2 oz. Refillable Decor Ink Bottle and keep it for your future self. She'll be happy you did- she may even send you a thank you card. Who knows? It could happen.

Each bottle has a two ounce capacity and you know how far two ounces of ink will go? A LOOONG WAY. But just in case you need to mix up another batch there's a handy little spot right on the label where you can record your recipe. Each bottle is refillable so if you want some more make some more. Screw-on cap and dropper included.

What's all this mean for you? Endless color options, and the bottomless envy of all your crafter girls that wish they had that perfect pumpkin orange. Drop the mic sister! That orange is yours.

Add a few 2 oz. Refillable Ink Bottles to all of your ink orders so you can test your limits on color creation.

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