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Iron Orchid Designs

Birdsong 6x10 Décor Moulds

Birdsong 6x10 Décor Moulds

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Birdsong Decor Moulds from IOD are not your mama’s fried chicken. These feathered friends are straight up classy chicks. 

Watch your creations take flight with this IOD Birdsong Décor Mould.  This Birdsong design is worth WAY more than two in the bush. In fact, there are SEVEN sweet little birds in this one mould. Birds in flight, birds at rest and even two little kissy face birds. As is standard in all IOD moulds, this treasure has unparalleled detail, depth, and beauty just like you’ve come to expect from Iron Orchid Designs.

These products are designed with you in mind. IOD knows that you expect the best, and this mould delivers. Every IOD mould is meticulously intricate. You’re working too hard producing amazing furniture and home décor to settle for anything less than perfect in your mould choice.

Don’t be fooled that all this detail makes these moulds are tough to work with. Thanks to the patent pending micro-rimmed tops, you can easily create perfectly smooth castings that pop right out of the mould no matter what media you’re using. AND… You can use them over and over again.

Speaking of mediums, did you know that these silicone moulds can be used with any type of clay, hot glue or wax? They’re even food safe.  Delight your family by creating gorgeous candies and cookies that will have them wondering if you went to art school overnight. Just remember a mould can go from the kitchen to the craft room but it can’t go back. You’re totally gonna need two because you’ll want one dedicated to the kitchen.

Wow even your inner critic and get lost in the possibilities by adding this mould to your cart today.

Mould Size 6 x 10”


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