Who's in Charge of Your Life

Who's in Charge of Your Life

Who’s in charge around here? Sometimes that answer is not as easy as it should be. I work alone; I own the business; I am a solo entrepreneur - the answer here should be obvious. I’m in charge around here! Hear me roar! That sounds all fine and dandy and it fits on a bumper sticker or coffee mug nicely but it’s not always the reality of life, now is it?

In the real world, I let ALL kinds of other things be in charge. I let the dog dictate my work schedule. I allow personal calls and friends to drop by unannounced during my workday. I let others make decisions that affect my business and my life. Occasionally, I even take advice from people that have the greatest of intentions and the worst track records in history because I know they mean well. The worst part is I’m letting people I don’t even know decide my path.

They are sitting in the cheap seats of the stadium at my life’s game with tickets that I gave them through social media contact and podcast earbuds. Many of them are offering good advice, and I’ve weeded out those that I know aren’t helpful, but I truly need to be weighing options and making these calls on my own. I’m the one that must throw a touchdown in this stadium to keep the game alive. Now, I ask again. Who’s in charge around here? 

The lesson that I am learning is that there are people making decisions on how my time, money and talents are used that don’t have the same vested interest in my business or my life that I do. They are lovely people (and one hairy little dog) but they don’t have as much to gain or lose as yours truly so maybe it’s time to give these folks the proverbial boot, or at least take a break from them, when it comes to decisions so that the next time I’m faced with a decision I can confidently say ‘ I’m the boss babe in this life!”

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