What's Out In 2019

Well, for anyone that has been following my blog you'll notice that all of the previous issues are, well, they're gone. Dang it! When the two websites finally 'successfully' (I use that word tongue-in-cheek) integrated, the blog posts were sacrifices. Being the tech-savvy hotshot that I am, I had not back-up. Surprise, Surprise! So we are starting fresh with a new platform and a new blog. Thanks for sticking it out with me. 

Home décor, just like clothes, hair and everything else, comes and goes in cycles. Here are the five trends I see taking a hike, or at least fading, in the 2019 home décor market.

1. Have you had enough of the classic gray and white look? Well, that's good because I see it fading away and color returning to our decorating schemes again. I am thrilled! I'm so ready for a return to color. A few other colors or combo colors that I see moving aside in 2019 are: white everything (Yes!), black and white stark lines, millennial pink and cherry red wood tones.


2. Also, hitting the road for 2019 is copper, especially the rose tinted, gold, tinny looking copper. Blessings abound!

3. Ready for some homey, comfortable décor? You're in luck. We'll be seeing less of the minimalist look. We'll love filling spaces with comfy and overstuffed furniture and covering our shelves with knick-knack goodies. Get out your dust cloth.....


4. Love that industrial feel? Get ready to phase it out. It's not gone for good yet but it won't last much longer. 

5. Lastly, and this one is my favorite look to shed, say see-ya to your mid-century modern pieces. Don't pack them off to the dump. They'll be back, they always return, but it's a fad I just couldn't get behind this time. Maybe the next go around.



Well, I hope this little tidbit helps you decide what to keep and what goes next year. We'll be starting daily blog post beginning January 1. Yep, that's right, through the entire month of January I am going to blog every...single...day! We're gonna start a journey through my own home remodel and decorating adventure. Bring your paint brush, I'm-a-gonna need all the help I can get!

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