Thrift Store Lazy Susan Makeover

Thrift Store Lazy Susan Makeover

Who doesn’t love a good lazy Susan? They are so versatile and you can do so many décor ideas with them. I ran across this one at a thrift store and I thought it would be a fun project to share with you all. It was a quick redo and it’s a great project to start with if you’ve never done a thrift store makeover.

Materials Needed:

Step One: Remove the Base and Clean

Flip your lazy Susan over and look for a hole in the base. You should be able to turn the base until it lines up with the screws that attach the bottom and the top. Remove those screws and set the aside. You’ll need them for reassembling later. See below:

Once the screws are removed clean the base and the top with Dixie Belle White Lightning.

Step Two: It’s Time to Paint!

Using your {Dixie Belle Small Round Brush}, paint your color choice of Dixie Belle paint. I used Dixie Belle Buttercream, but there are many colors to choose from. This piece is small and can be used as an accent piece, so it is the perfect place to add that pop of color. Go wild! Try a color you’ve never used before. You might just find your new favorite color! And remember, it’s only paint. If you get a coat on there and you’re not in love, just paint over it. No sanding required with Dixie Belle Paint. Remember, lighter colors painted over dark colors (like this lazy Susan getting painted in Dixie Belle Buttercream will likely need two coats.

Step Three: Reattach the Base and Add a Stencil

Reattach the base to the top of the lazy Susan by reversing the steps taken above to remove it.

When you have everything reconnected choose a stencil and a Dixie Belle Paint color and the stencil that will be under the IOD transfer. I used Dixie Belle Kudzu for the stencil but you can use any color or combination of colors you want. I have had this stencil for a while so I’m not sure where I got it but there are LOTS of options out there for stencils. I buy a lot from and They both have high quality stencils that are affordable.

Stencil your image onto the top of your lazy Susan covering as much or as little as you want. Stenciling requires a mostly dry brush so when you dip your brush in the paint dab a lot of that paint off before you begin stenciling. It’s better with stenciling to have to cover an area twice than it is to stencil too thick of a coat the first time across. Too much paint on your brush makes paint bleed under your stencil and makes the lines in your stencil look sloppy.

Step Four: Attach the Transfer and Seal

Applying an IOD transfer is a lot easier than you think. Remove the back of the transfer and hold the transfer over the project you’re working on. When you are confident in the placement of the stencil, gently place the stencil on the project. Once the stencil contacts the surface you are committed to that placement. Gently smooth the transfer down. You can apply tape to the edges if you are concerned about it sliding around. This is especially helpful if you are working on a vertical surface. Using the application tool that comes with your transfer (or any other straight edge such as a credit card or a craft stick), begin rubbing the transfer on. I try to start in one corner and begin rubbing out and towards the far corner, lifting the transfer paper as I go so I can see any areas that I have missed. If you miss a spot, no biggie, just lay the transfer back down before you move on and rub that spot until it transfers to your project. IOD transfers can be distressed lightly once they have been applied so if you want a more distressed look you can take a fine grit sandpaper and lightly distress the areas you desire. The IOD transfers come with a distressed look already so I never feel the need to do any additional sanding.

Once your transfer is attached you are ready to seal. For this project I used Krylon Matte Sealer Chalky Finish. Just a light coat did the trick. Dixie Belle Paints don’t require a sealer and if I want a chalky matte finish, I typically leave them unsealed but I wanted to make sure that the transfer was secure so I added this sealer step for the sake of the transfer.



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