Self-Doubt vs. Self-Worth

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Self-Doubt. When the going gets tough do you get going or do you begin to doubt your ability to make the trek? I have found myself in the pit of self-doubt so many times and, like any good self-help-book-reading-rock-star, I have always pushed away those thoughts (or at least gave the good high school try), but maybe those self-doubts need to get unpacked a little more than I have traditionally made space for. What if they are like the hairs on the back of your neck? When those hairs rise to attention, we listen knowing that they have given good warnings in the past. Maybe these self-doubts have the same intention. Okay, so they probably won’t warn you about the bear on the trail behind you, but they may give us a little glimpse of some things that we need to know about ourselves. Honestly, no one has lied to me more than me so any tool that I can use that fills in some of the gaps is a God send.

Self-doubt might hold a few truths for us if we look at why we’re doubting ourselves. Maybe we aren’t prepared for the journey that we are setting out on. Maybe we’re overloading our skill chassis and just praying for a lucky break. That saying about standing on the cliff, jumping and hoping to grow wings on the way down….if your self-doubting hackles come up and remind you that at no point in your life have you ever sprouted spontaneous wings then you should give them a listen. Self-doubt isn’t the enemy. He’s a friend. A friend you hate but still a friend and one that you aren’t going to get rid of either so ya better just get acquainted. The key is to not let self-doubt affect your self-worth. Self-doubt says, ‘Here’s some weaknesses you need to work on.’ Self-worth will tell you that you can’t overcome the areas you’re weak in. Don’t let self-doubt affect your self-worth. Doubters unite!

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