Ready for the Truth?

Ready for the Truth?

Truth. Sometimes I am shocked at how much pressure we put on ourselves. I come to the blog today with this enormous sense of overwhelm. This blog has traveled down this crazy road from how-to forum to video-clipped model of the ‘best blogs on the internet’ to an unused and unread mess of words that I approached with dread when I approached it at all. Is this what it’s supposed to be? Dear God! I hope not. What I really need is just a place that acts more like a journal than a have-to. I’m thinking that there may be someone else out there that just needs a dose of honesty, and honestly, I could use it from myself. How many of you out there are also listening to all the influencers, the coaches, the gurus in the world that are selling this fake-it-until-you-make-it mentality? Honest to God, I’m telling ya right now, that brand of thinking has me about ready to cave and give in. The hardest part is I know I have something to offer the world. I know how important what I have to offer is and I know that is could be an amazing breakthrough tool for women, but I refuse to fake one more moment. Let’s get real for f*ck sake! Here’s a real glimpse at the truth, for me as much as for you:

  • My business is not making a dime right now. I’m covering the monthly expenses of my business and that’s it. My husband wants me to go back to hours for dollars working for the man. My dream may end. That’s the truth right now.
  • When I went gang busters six months ago building this business, I knew it was going to take time. I carefully planned and executed a way to provide enough dollars to pay the business expense and add a few extra bucks to the household budget each month that would appease the husband and that plan failed. Truth.
  • I followed bad advice and I followed good advice and, truth be told, I couldn’t tell the difference until too late. Since I started the business with virtually no money, I truly lost very little capital. The problem is that the little I did lose was all that I had.

I come to you today completely bare and honest because I think it’s time someone was legit in their account of entrepreneurship. No one told me it was going to be easy but somehow I had it in my head that there would be rewards along the path that made the struggle worth it. I am still fighting for my business and my great idea but today I am doing it with an updated resume. Truth.

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