Get Ready 2019 – Here I Come!

Get Ready 2019 – Here I Come!

Well, here we are - fully submersed in 2019. Seems like the new year sneaks up quieter and faster every year. Every year we approach the new year with the idea that this year will be different. No more of this, less of that and a lot of what we want. Sometimes were successful and sometimes we table our goals until next year’s resolutions need to be made. Typically, I’m lucky if I can remember what January’s resolutions were by the time the year comes to an end. That is until this year. This year, there'll be no slacking allowed.

Previous year’s resolutions centered around weight loss, being a better person, saving more money.... You know the standard ‘I’m gonna be better this year’ resolutions. This year I don’t have the luxury of setting goals that I don’t necessarily have to meet because this year my goals are all centered around my business. They have been thought out, written down, posted on the wall AND I said them out loud to my Facebook followers in a LIVE video! Not only that, if I don’t meet these goals, that desire to lose a few pounds will be a reality as my income (and my grocery-buying-ability) is based on meeting those goals.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the goals that I thought were important enough to get added to the list for 2019:

  • Increasing my Facebook followers 10x by the end of 2019
  • Increasing my Instagram followers 10x by the end of 2019
  • Increasing my monthly gross sales in ever increasing increments throughout the year
  • Get my YouTube channel up and going
  • Create a teaching platform for women that want to learn how to refinish furniture or craft the décor in their home
  • Mentor a young woman in the trade
  • Attend a skill-building workshop or conference
  • Attend a business skills workshop or conference

There were two other goals that were on this list too that I haven’t included in the list of to-dos above. You know why? Because I have already crushed them! Bam! Day two of 2019 and I have already accomplished two goals.

  • Create an inventory of safety supplies for visitors to my shop. Done 11/2018 (I started a little early knowing how important that goal was). I now have a full stock of earplugs, safety glasses and gloves for visitors.
  • Hire a business coach. Done 1/2/2019. Today I was graced with the opportunity to join Jennifer Allwood’s Inner Circle. I have been waiting for this group to reopen for several months and when it opened today I jumped in!

So there you have it! We’re off to a good start. I’ m working on everything else too. Having these goals printed and posted in my office is a big help. If ever I get bogged down in the mud I can look up at these goals and ask myself if the mud I’m treading through will get me closer to meeting these goals. If it is, pull up your hip waders keep trekking girl, but if it isn’t, don’t waste the time. It’s too valuable. After all, next year is already sneaking up on us.

See ya tomorrow.


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