Fall in Love with the Truth

Fall in Love with the Truth

The last few months have been such an awakening for me. I have truly let the veil drop and, for the first time ever (even from my own vantage point) I am being brutally honest about me AND to me. No lace border, no fancy cover story, no skipping details. I am feeling like there may even be a chance that I’ll be able to look myself in the mirror soon and be in love with what’s left after all the layers of dishonesty are stripped off.

You may be completely be over my self-realization spilling out into the blog, but it has been such a release to me. We’ll get back to the how-to posts of life soon but please allow me just one more short revelation about myself – I am not as much as a weirdo as I originally thought!

I know, I’m just as surprised as you are, maybe even more. I have spent my entire life thinking that I am so unrelatable to others that I created this alter-me that I presented to the world. AND since we’re getting really ‘real’ here, no one was in love that broad either. No doubt, there are some complete disasters today that we have thank the misuse of social media for, but some pretty cool things have happened as a result of social media too. I am fully aware that 99% of the time people are showing the highlight reel of their lives in their Instagram feed but every now and then I come across a raw, unfiltered moment of actual people that reminds me that people are still just people, that we all have some crazy shit from the past that we haven’t forgiven ourselves for yet.

Everyone has more than just a few skeletons in the closet. There are complete suites in our psyche dedicated to shame; basements containing trunks overflowing with failures and whole home additions containing our toppling stacks of regret. Just a little peek at someone else’s holdings in their feed is a good reminder that you’re not alone. Go beyond ‘No Makeup Monday’ and let just a little bit of the real you out. You never know if that little bit will be the reminder someone needs to reaffirm that, under all the fluff, there are still real people that are in love with the truth….finally.

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