Decision Time People

Decision Time People

Well, here we are. Three days into the new year and already I am faced with a big business decision. I have been looking at paint lines to carry as a second source of income (and a way to cut the cost of the paint I use). I had narrowed it down to five paint brands that I was most interested in. I eliminated one based on the quality of the paint, I excluded one based on annual minimum order levels and I rejected another based on the toxins in the paint. That left me with two great, affordable paint brands that I liked. Neither of them allow a second paint line to share shelf space with them so I had to choose between the two of them. 

It's hard to make a decision when both companies provide a great product. There are drawbacks to each one as well but neither of them have anything that would preclude them from being my choice so I had to dig deeper and see if there were factors that I hadn't considered initially that could help me make my decision. 

In the end I did make a decision. I chose a paint line. I sign my contract with them tomorrow so I don't want to jinx myself by getting too optimistic by making a big announcement here. I will just say that the factors that helped me decide were not in my original scope of characteristics I would have sought out in a company that I want to enter into business with. As you approach your business decisions this year remember there is more to consider than just price and quality. If those were the only two factors with these two companies I would have never been able to make a decision. I searched out length of time in business, I sought out other distributors and requested their feedback regarding their relationship with the company and I took into account the few personal contacts I have had with each paint brand and weighed them. 

In closing, I made the decision and it feels really right (even if it is the single largest financial investment I have made in my business to date). I can't wait to share my decision with

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