And sometimes there is frustration….

And sometimes there is frustration….

Ever have those days where everything just seems to fall into place? I’m NOT having that day. Sometimes I stop everything I am doing and simply say to myself ‘Why is everything here going so wrong?’ I’m having that day. Even typing this podcast is a series of hitting the wrong key and fighting to find the words.

My big ambition of completing a blog post everyday for the first 31 days of 2019 has totally been blown. I made it three full days before life intervened and said ‘Yeah, Honey, I don’t think so.’ I know, I could have planned and had some blog posts ready to roll ahead of time and I did do that (the planning part anyway). I fully intended to get some articles ready to post ahead of time so there would be no gap in the consistency of publishing even when my schedule became so harried that I was unable to write a fresh blog. But alas, planning is as far as that went.

I have no grand excuse why I didn’t make it happen. It wasn’t some super-extra ordinary week that left me with no time in the schedule. It was preplanned and known events that prevented my completion of the blog for three days in a row.

There was some victory there though. I discovered through the process that can’t rely specifically on my own scheduling to get things done. I have spent so long longing for enough meaningful work to get me through an eight-hour work day that now that I have more work than I can fit into that schedule I am over committing myself to tasks. It has been a good reminder to remember what the goals of the business are for the short term (next few months) and the long term (throughout the rest of 2019 and beyond). Is the task that I have obligated myself for actually fit into those goals or am I just so thankful to have so much to do that I am trying to do too much at once?

With that in mind, I reevaluated this morning whether my goal of 31 blog posts truly fit in the parameters of the current needs of my business and decided that the blog is important, but it is not so important that it needs to happen every day. It’s better for me to create meaningful content and post it weekly than it is for me to be consistent but less valuable.

So, going forward we will be back to our once weekly blogs. Chalked full of super valuable and usable content. Thanks for sticking it out with me. You are a beautiful group of people and you deserve to get my best. I hope to be able to exceed your expectations.

See ya next week!


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