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Rad Pad - Foam Backed Sanding Pad 8 Pack

Rad Pad - Foam Backed Sanding Pad 8 Pack

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Smooth Silky Top Coating

Confused between grit numbers and tired of flimsy, cheap sand paper options? Looking for that perfect, handy, all-in-one sanding solution? MudPaint is pleased to provide these remarkable RAD Pads – ‘Revolutionary Abrasive Design” – from Medium (120) to Fine (220) to Very Fine (280) to Super Fine (500). With 2 of each pad in each box!

RAD Pad hand sanding abrasives are made in the U.S.A. and will outperform and outlast anything else on the market. The foam backing fits perfectly into your hand and gives the user an option for hard to reach areas – on all your MudPaint projects that require sanding!

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