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MudPaint Finishing Wax Polish - 13.5 oz.

MudPaint Finishing Wax Polish - 13.5 oz.

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Because sometimes you want a little protection for your treasured creations or, let's be honest, we love to dress up our pieces and show off all that detail with colored waxes. MudPaint requires no top-coating, but if you're into adding that little bit of extra something-something to your projects you might as well use the best Finishing Wax Polishes on the market. These top-rated finishing waxes are sourced from a small-batch, 5th-generation family-run shop located in the rolling hills of a small town in the UK. 

Use Finishing Wax Polish to revive and protect your painted pieces. And wait until you see how it dries. MMMmm MMMmmm!

Clear Finishing Wax Polish offers great protection. It differs from our best selling Matte Finish Clear Coat. Finishing Wax Polish can be applied with either buffing it into your paint with a lint-free rag or with a wax brush.  Buffing Finishing Wax Polish provides a higher sheen and more gloss for your pieces than the Matte Clear Coat which maintains that matte finish.

Gallery pictures are of MudPaint Harbor and China White – lightly distressed – then finished with Dark Wax.

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