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IOD Flexi-Stamper for Knob Toppers Stamp

IOD Flexi-Stamper for Knob Toppers Stamp

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Curve Conforming

The ideal tool for stamping the tops of knobs, pulls and even cake pops like a pro. Designed for use with the IOD Knob Toppers Decor Stamp, the IOD Flex-Stamper is perfect for stamping curved or domes surfaces, but that's not all folks. Use the IOD Flexi-Stamper with any of the smaller IOD Decor Stamps. 

The IOD Flexi-Stamper (6" x 4") has two mount sizes 1.5" and 1.25" making them the perfect companion for the IOD 1.5" Wood Knobs and the IOD 1.25" Wood Knobs.  The IOD Flexi-Stamper has grid-lines too so no more wondering if you have your stamp lined up. 

Made from durable and pliable plastic, the IOD Flexi-Stamper is built for many years of use. It's food safe too so start reimaging all the cupcake and cake cookie possibilities. Hand wash, not dishwasher safe.

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