IOD Decor Moulds 101 - Mar 8 6PM

IOD Decor Moulds 101 - Mar 8 6PM

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In this class we'll be diving into the ins and outs of using IOD Decor Moulds. 

Here are a few of the topics we'll be covering in this fun-filled class: 

  • The MANY uses of IOD Decor Moulds
  • Using different mediums in your moulds
  • What to expect with IOD Air Dry Clay
  • How to care for and store your Moulds

During this one-night workshop, students will learning all the do's and don'ts of IOD Moulds by making signs that they'll get to take home and show off. 

Registration for this class includes an IOD Blank Pallet (used during class), an IOD Decor Mould of your choice (limited to in-stock inventory) and one 4 oz. MudPaint (color of your choice). I'll provide all other sign making material and tools. 

This class meets on March 8th at 6PM and is suitable for any skill level. All you need is a willingness to have a little fun and get a little dirty. 😉

Also, the RootBound Life Boutique will be open the night of your class and you'll enjoy a 25% discount on any additional purchases that evening. Discount is available on MudPaint, entire Iron Orchid Designs inventory, home décor and furniture. The whole she-bang, the big burrito, all the alls my friends.

Class will be at the RootBound shop located at 305 SE Swan Avenue in Siletz, OR. 

I do provide paint aprons for students, but it's best to wear something that getting paint or ink on won't ruin your day. The aprons don't cover everything and no one knows how much wine your neighbor's going to drink that night. Oh yeah, did I mention the snacks and the beverages? I meant to....

This class will be limited to six students so don't wait to register.

Now listen ya'll. These classes are fun. We have a great time. There are always yummy snacks and an adult beverage or two to choose from. We keep this atmosphere pretty light and we don't get too precious about perfection. We have a good time and we learn along the way. It's a great chance to get together with a girlfriend and enjoy a fun evening. These classes sell out pretty quickly so scoop up your spot today. 

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