Botanist's Journal IOD Transfer 12x16 Pad
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Botanist's Journal IOD Transfer 12x16 Pad

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The birds and the bees…and the flowers

Bright and bold vintage blooms. The Botanist’s Journal Décor Transfer has the best sunflower in décor transfer history. Indisputable. FOUR 12 x 16” sheets of vintage magic for your next home decor project.

IOD Décor Transfers add style to your projects. Add a whole transfer to a project for a dramatic look or cut your transfer as desired and add only what you want. Keep your remaining transfer on its protective backing and apply it to your next project. Store your transfer in a climate-controlled environment and it’ll be ready again the next time.

IOD Décor Transfers can be applied over lots of different surfaces. Glass, plastic, wood (painted and not) and ceramics. Choose a surface that is smooth and stable and gussy it up with some transfer love.

Prep your surface.

Recommended surface should be clean and free of any dust. If you are applying the transfer over a chalk type paint it can be helpful to seal the paint with a water-based sealer prior to applying transfer. Surface should be completely dry before application.


Keep your transfer clean and on its protective backing sheet until you are ready to apply. When you’re ready to apply your transfer remove the protective backing. Be careful that the transfer doesn’t touch anything – including itself. Hover your transfer over the project until you have it aligned right where you want it. Gently lay the transfer flat on the surface and press firmly into place with your hand. If you’re applying your transfer to an upright surface, simply adhere it lightly with some low tack tape.

Use the enclosed transfer tool to rub your transfer into place. Begin at the edge of the transfer and firmly rub the transfer, adhering the image to the surface. Pull the transfer paper back as the transfer bonds with the surface. If an area has not bonded, simply lay the transfer paper back on your project and rub it again.

Do this until the entire image is transferred to your project. Rub your hand along the entire top of the transfer to press down any little edges that aren’t fully adhered. Pull the last of the transfer paper back….AND admire your work! Look at you Queen - that’s beautiful!

Wrap it up.

You’re going to want to protect this creation of yours. After all, it’s a masterpiece. I recommend using a water-based sealer for transfers that are applied to painted surfaces. Furniture waxes created for chalk type paints are also a good fit for sealing.

Now that you have the jewel for your crown remember this. IOD transfers are not designed for projects that live outside. Also, try to keep your transfer out of direct sunlight in the house. Over time, your transfer will fade in the sun.

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