The Basics of Furniture Painting Series

The Basics of Furniture Painting Series

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Have you ever looked at a beautiful piece of painted furniture and thought 'I wish I knew how to do that'? Got a piece of furniture you wish was updated but you're just too afraid to tackle it without a little assistance? If so, this class is for you. 

In this class we will be covering the basics of furniture painting. 

  • How do you know if a piece of furniture is a good candidate for painting 
  • How to prep your furniture for a new look
  • What to do if your furniture has imperfections you'd like to change
  • How to make minor repairs to your furniture 
  • How to choose the right paint for your desired look
  • Tips and techniques for choosing a brush or other application method
  • Applying paint for a flawless finish
  • Creating a natural element or a distressed look
  • Sealing and protecting your new artwork to your furniture isn't just beautiful, it's also functional

Classes will convene for this series in January 2022. We'll meet four times on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 PM beginning January 11. All you need is a piece of furniture you'd like to transform and a willingness to get a little dirty. 

Our class schedule will be:

Tuesday, January 11 
We'll talk color and design choices and we'll begin prepping our pieces for paint.

Thursday, January 13 
We're gonna finish up that prep and get our first coat of paint applied.

Tuesday, January 18
In this class we'll get a second coat of paint on and add some special touches like distressing and natural wood looks.

Thursday, January 20
It's time to seal up those projects and add those finishing touches.

Your class registration includes a 16 oz. MudPaint color of your choice and either a 16 oz. Matte Protective Clear Coat or 13.5 oz. Clear Wax. I'll provide classroom brushes and prepping supplies. If you'd like to purchase additional colors or other supplies you'll get a 25% discount for the duration of the class. All classes will be at the RootBound shop located at 305 SE Swan Avenue in Siletz, OR. 

When choosing furniture for this class please choose a small, manageable piece. Good choices are a nightstand, an end table a small dresser or desk or something similar. This is not the time to dive into your bedroom set or dining set. 😊 You're going to leave this class with all the know-how needed to tackle your bigger projects, but for the sake of time, this class is limited to smaller pieces. If you don't own a piece that you want to paint, but you've been dying for classes to resume, head out to the thrift store or the ReStore and pick up a piece to practice on. Please bring your furniture piece to the first class. You'll be able to leave your pieces at the shop until they are complete. 

This class will be limited to four students so don't wait to register.

Now listen ya'll. These classes are fun. We have a great time. There are always yummy snacks and an adult beverage or two to choose from. We keep this atmosphere pretty light and we don't get too precious about perfection. We have a good time and we learn along the way. It's a great chance to get together with a girlfriend and enjoy a fun evening. These classes sell out pretty quickly so scoop up your spot today. 

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