Collection: Classes

We just announced our first classes for Fall 2023! See below for registration details. 

Our classes are on summer break until fall rolls around.
In the meantime, come join us every Friday afternoon from 3-6P for open craft time here at the RootBound Life boutique at 170 N Main Street Suite 102, Toledo, OR. Open crafting days will begin on Friday, May 19 and will continue throughout the summer every Friday afternoon.
Bring whatever you're working on - paint projects, clay work, scrapbooking, crochet or knitting, whatever you fancy. Just bring it. Come down to the store and hang out with all your other favorite local crafters. Bring a girlfriend or come alone. There's real comradery amongst creative souls and every Friday we'll be opening up the studio for a little work space and social hour.
Got a project that you've been wanting a little inspiration on? Bring it and bounce ideas off the other crafters in the group. Need advice on a project? Come get and lend a helping hand to and with your fellow crafting hearts.
I'll provide cold beverages (or bring your favorite) and let's spend some time together.